About Eva

Eva Chazo is a special education teacher, a wife but most importantly a mother to our son, Matias. She is an amazingly creative spirit who is constantly trying to improve the life of those around her, but especially for Matias.

Why "Napkin" Art? 

My lunch doodles are just that - little drawings to make my kid's day. Often he makes requests or sometimes I get to do something original. Lots of my drawings are reproductions of art others have done of specific comic or animated characters that I've found on the web. Sometimes I do mash-ups of my son's favorite characters. On one of the Finn and Jake (Adventure Time) drawings my son insisted that I write Algebric though I'm pretty sure it is Algebraic. This is important to me as I've taught math for quite a few years. But again, it’s just napkin art. I hope you enjoy them as we do. 

It would be super cool if you do this too. If you could send some of your own art we would love to show them. I have a feeling lots of moms, dads, and kids of all ages are doing their own fun lunchtime doodles.